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Let us explore the walls of my studio together, dancing with the colorful, impressionistic and simple moments that will stir our senses and our emotions.

Two Rivers

From those everyday images that are ever present in our lives, to those subjects that we know so well, let me share with you my impression in a world of paint and words.Peanut Butter and Jelly

  • Using archival oil paints, conte/charcoal, canvas and premium acid-free paper, let me preserve those enchanting memories forever with a painting or drawing especially created for you.
  • A fine artwork can be designed to cherish a moment in time forever.
  • You are welcome to stroll through my galleries with me and visit the world of paintngs on canvas, unusual works on paper, photographs of my travels and one-of-a-kindĀ  jewelry designs.


Preserve that memory forever with a drawing of that special someone in your life. Keep those enduringĀ  memories of a favorite pet, a special occasion, or that special person forever with a beautiful piece of artwork that will be shared for generations to come.

TESTIMONIALS: Read what others have to say .…..Conan

“Thank you so much for sending my mountain landscape study so quickly (and wrapped so nicely, including a bow!). I absolutely LOVE it and if you ever have any similar rough studies (of alpine or mountain landscapes) let me know as I could be tempted!!” written by A.J. for a landscape study.

“I think its beautiful, what a wonderful job…” written by L.C. for a commission work.

“It is absolutely beautiful – words cannot describe how much I love ‘my’ painting. I plan to be on the look-out for future paintings to add to my collection.” written by C.C. for a still life painting.

Thank you for looking!

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The Lilacs

[singlepic id=8 w=320 h=240 float=] Spring brings memories. My favorite time of year is anticipating the blooming of lilacs. To me it is a time of childhood memories and gathering lilacs from neighborhood bushes to bring home and put in a vase of water. To enjoy that ever-lingering lilac essence that fills the rooms with [...]


What motivates us? What makes a person do what they do? I am an artist, but at times I just feel so un-motivated. Why? I am not sure. I believe that I am trying to figure out where my art should go, what I should be doing. I am not sure. Making art is something [...]